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Junior Aerospace Engineering

Yesterday, the kids started a new Junior Aerospace Engineering class through our local parks department. Over the next several weeks, they’ll learn about aircraft and spacecraft design, plus construct their own airplanes and rockets. 🚀✈️ Yesterday, they zoomed out of their classroom, grinning ear to ear, holding their “airplane” creations — and then proceeded to

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First day of school: letter Aa review, starting our calendar, mazes and more

It’s the first day back to home school! We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. A.M. We started the day off with singing a few songs and reviewing “The Magic Spindle” from our Oak Meadow resource book. We practiced writing upper and lower case letter A’s and making pictures out of

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8 ideas to inspire summer reading

We love reading in our house, but sometimes the day-to-day busyness pushes this activity farther down on our priority list. I’m not worried so much about the “Summer Slide” as we’re continuing to learn throughout the summer, but sometimes reading can take a backseat.  Here are eight ideas to inspire summer reading for your family.

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