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August Study Guide 2019

August 2019 Study Guide

Here is a high level glance at what we’re up to learning-wise this month. General themes are summer, gardening and plenty of outside time. We’re studying at the first grade and kindergarten levels for most subjects. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) – Big Life Journal Language Arts – word family practice, consonant blends, poetry tea time

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Junior Aerospace Engineering

Yesterday, the kids started a new Junior Aerospace Engineering class through our local parks department. Over the next several weeks, they’ll learn about aircraft and spacecraft design, plus construct their own airplanes and rockets. 🚀✈️ Yesterday, they zoomed out of their classroom, grinning ear to ear, holding their “airplane” creations — and then proceeded to

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First day of school: letter Aa review, starting our calendar, mazes and more

It’s the first day back to home school! We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. A.M. We started the day off with singing a few songs and reviewing “The Magic Spindle” from our Oak Meadow resource book. We practiced writing upper and lower case letter A’s and making pictures out of

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