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Calendars, books, podcasts, planning tools, learning implements, it’s all here.

Study Guides

What’s a typical month look like for education-wise for us? These are snapshots of what we’re learning about and what the kids are interested in.

Family Fun Inspiration

At-a-glance look at the month ahead, calling out upcoming holidays, events and potential crafty fun and food inspiration for families with learning twist.

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Daily homeschool rhythm

This is our typical daily homeschool rhythm with plenty of play, rest and free time mixed in. I’ve fine tuned this over the last few years. I have found that it works the best for our family.

Advice to a beginning homeschooler

My story: I started homeschooling about three years ago. I had no doubts that it was in our future. I was already a SAHM (working part time from home) and it just made sense for our family. Growing up, I had a friend who…

How to write a homeschool mission statement

What matters most to your family? To your homeschool? Ask yourself some simple questions and you’re on your way to drafting a mission statement that will help guide your home education experience.

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