We homeschool because (aka our mission statement):

  • We believe education should meet the learning style, interests and individual needs of our children and not adhere to “standards” set by someone else.
  • Our studies and methods will be open-minded, fluid and evolve over time.
  • We learn, grow and play on our own schedule, respecting the natural rhythms and values of our family.
  • We foster creativity and take inspiration as it comes from our interests, community, nature, and globally-minded perspectives.
  • We believe that social emotional learning (SEL) and life skills are just as important as learning to read or solve a math problem.
  • Our goal for our children is to have a lifelong love of learning, moral values and emotional intelligence.

Why My Inspired Homeschool?

What is inspiration? Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (motivational speaker and author) referred to “inspiration” in this way:

“I think of the word inspiration as meaning ‘being in-Spirit’ … fully awake to Spirit within us. Being inspired is an experience of joy: We feel completely connected to our Source and totally on purpose; our creative juices flow, and we bring exceptionally high energy to our daily life. We’re not judging others or ourselves — we’re uncritical and unbothered by behaviors or attitudes that in uninspired moments are frustrating. Our heart sings in appreciation for every breath; and we’re tolerant, joyful and loving.”

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I read Dyer’s book back in 2006 and it has always stuck with me. Living an inspired life fuels a spring of creativity, joy and peace. And it’s not an end result but a lifelong journey.

Having kids opened my eyes up to this ideal even more. Have you ever noticed how children have limitless wells of creativity? And especially at a very young age – how they don’t comprehend the slightest prejudice? They’re naturally joyful and if allowed to just play, you can see their resourcefulness and imagination blossom. They naturally live life inspired. Somehow, as childhood fades, this inspiration does too, unless it’s fostered.

“My Inspired Homeschool” is a nod to this philosophy and my children. Every time we have an inspired moment together, it’s a tally mark in our “why we homeschool” column. And when I see the name, it’s a reminder to strive for more moments like those.

“When you are inspired … dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”


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