Family Fun Inspiration for October

These are some of our family’s favorite things to do in the month of October I hope it inspires your family as well.

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Pumpkin patches, spooky-cute costumes and autumn treats, oh my! These are some of our family’s favorite things to make, explore and learn about during the month of October. I hope it inspires your family as well.

Dates to remember:

  • October is National Pizza Month
  • October is Bullying Prevention and Kindness Month
  • 10/5: Do Something Nice Day
  • 10/14: Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus Day
  • 10/14-10/20 is Earth Science Week
  • 10/27 is Diwali
  • 10/31 is Halloween
  • 10/31-11/2: Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)



Bring your kids’ favorite PBS KIDS characters to life as jack-o’-lanterns

Skip the screams and aim for squeals this Halloween with your favorite PBS KIDS characters. Check out my easy how-to, complete with templates!


We’ve “perfected” our pizza crust recipe over the years. For a fun spin on pizza, simply fold the dough over the toppings in the shape of a half circle, crimp the edges down to seal in the contents, but cut a few slits in the across the top to let the steam escape. Brush with butter or olive oil for extra flavor. Bake the calzone slightly longer than a regular pie, until the crust turns a light golden brown.

Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner

Our tradition to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving (we’re American) began on a weekend away in nearby British Columbia. We stumbled upon a Thanksgiving buffet at a restaurant and decided we needed to carry on the tradition. Some years we call it “Friendsgiving” and invite friends over for a special meal.

Mud Pies

Mud Pies
Dinner is served. Remembering the days when I loved playing restaurant with backyard finds.

All you need are rocks or dirt, a random container and imagination. Turn the kids loose with this combination and the results are priceless.

More things to make this month:

  1. Kid-sized perfect pizza pies
  2. Tissue box dinosaur feet — perfect for stomping around the castle
  3. Pumpkin spice cupcakes
  4. Chocolate coconut banana bread (my favorite recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen)
  5. Get creative with palm art


Go on a bug scavenger hunt

Print off a couple of copies of this scavenger hunt and go for a walk in the backyard or at a nearby park. Or check out Mac’s Field Guide (Good Bugs and Bad Bugs).

Pick the perfect pumpkin

Pumpkins in a wheel barrow
Visit your favorite place to pick a pumpkin

Get lost in a corn field maze

Go on a misty ferry ride

Ferries in the mist


  1. Digital media resources for teaching topics in K–12 earth and space science
  2. How did Halloween traditions get their start?
  3. Practice counting and fractions with Peg + Cat (PBS KIDS) on Peg’s Pizza Palace.
  4. 10 reads that remind kids that empathy, diversity, and kindness are great ways to be a good neighbor!
  5. Here are three ways parents can empower kids to be “includers.”

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