September Study Guide 2019

Here is a high level glance at what we’re up to learning-wise this month. General themes are fall, gardening and plenty of outside time.

We’re studying at the first grade and kindergarten levels for most subjects.

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)Big Life Journal
  • Language Arts – word family practice, consonant blends, poetry tea time
  • Social Studies – marketplaces, civics, ethics
  • Music – free play piano, music appreciation
  • Movement – ballet
  • Health – personal safety, unit review
  • Arts & crafts – kid’s choice, felt, embroidery bracelets, garden art, puppets, finger knitting
  • Science – liquids/solids/gases, scientific inquiry, charting temperatures, star gazing, studies on ponds, forests and birds, thunder & lightning
  • Math – 2x and 3x tables, measurements, adding numbers 11-20

We are keeping with Oak Meadow for the bulk of the curriculum with supplemental materials from and personal interests.

Ballet joins our schedule as well as a new forest school program and a seed saving workshop. We’re also investigating a potential soccer program as well.

Julie Bogart’s Brave Learner continues to be a source of inspiration for us.

Our binders are proving to be a good way of corralling the paperwork and a way to show off the kids work. We also worked together on our monthly bulletin board and kids-created calendar (and overview of what’s coming up).

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