August Study Guide 2019

August 2019 Study Guide

Here is a high level glance at what we’re up to learning-wise this month. General themes are summer, gardening and plenty of outside time.

We’re studying at the first grade and kindergarten levels for most subjects.

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)Big Life Journal
  • Language Arts – word family practice, consonant blends, poetry tea time
  • Social Studies – houses and homes, community helpers, neighborhoods
  • Music – free play piano, music appreciation
  • Health – personal safety, unit review
  • Arts & crafts – kid’s choice, felt, embroidery bracelets, garden art
  • Science – liquids/solids/gases, scientific inquiry, charting temperatures, star gazing, studies on ponds, forests and birds
  • Math – 2x and 3x tables, measurements, adding numbers 11-20

We are keeping with Oak Meadow for the bulk of the curriculum with supplemental materials from and personal interests.

We’re also taking a lot of inspiration from Julie Bogart’s Brave Learner.

Since we’re devoting more time with worksheets, I bought the kids their own binders to keep things more organized. We also worked together on our monthly bulletin board (and overview of what’s coming up). They seemed to love the process.

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