Daily homeschool rhythm

  • Quiet time, planning
    • Kids: reading, building sets, coloring
    • Me: coffee, calendars, catching up on news
  • Breakfast
  • Morning work
    • Kids: hygiene, make beds, pets
    • Me: work from home to do list
  • Morning lessons
    • Together: workbooks, calendar, focus of day
      • Monday: music, ballet
      • Tuesday: language arts and social studies, kitchen activity
      • Wednesday: math and science, forest school
      • Thursday: health and language arts
      • Friday: math, game days and book clubs
  • Free play
  • Lunch
  • Quiet time
  • Afternoon lessons
    • Together: arts and crafts, theme of the week
      • Monday: movement, crafts
      • Tuesday: Poetry Tea Time, reading
      • Wednesday: math games, science activity
      • Thursday: errands, language arts
      • Friday: family time
  • Free play, outside time
  • Dinner
  • Family time
  • Prep for next day
  • Rest

Once every few months, I’ll actually jot down everything we do during a week just to get an idea of where our time goes. It’s a very helpful snapshot.

This is our typical daily homeschool rhythm. It ebbs and flows throughout the week, with work schedules, classes, field trips and errands mixed in. But on a typical day, this is how it shakes out.

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