Family Fun Inspiration for April 2019

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No foolin’, April’s here.

Other than the winter holiday months, April seems to be one of the busiest. Perhaps it’s the fact that half of my family celebrates a birthday, or maybe Spring’s in full swing and energy’s just generally up. Whatever the reason, we’ve got a million and one reasons to inspire ourselves. Here’s a list to help inspire you. 

Resources include: Mister Rogers’ Plan & Play Book; PBS LearningMedia;; King Country Library System


  • Crafts and activities
    • Laundry basket basketball (Fred Rogers)
    • Pretend fishing, hand/eye coordination (Fred Rogers)
    • Clapping rhythms (Fred Rogers)
    • “Tight rope” walking (Fred Rogers)
    • Handprint cards (Fred Rogers)
    • Measuring time (Fred Rogers)
    • Milk carton planters
  • Eats
    • Fluffy coconut pancakes
    • Monkey bowls
    • Grilled zucchini; grilled peaches
    • Deviled eggs


  • Gardening class through local water utility
  • Park play dates
  • Kids’ film festival
  • Swift coding workshop for kids (through local library)



What does your family like to do in April?

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