Family Fun Inspiration for February 2019

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It’s February and we are ready. Winter’s marching on. There’s a small threat of snow but it’s mostly gray this time of year. We’re continuing on with our Oak Meadow curriculum plus our other muses: pink hearts for Valentine’s Day, red for Lunar New Year, Black History Month, the season, nature, and what the kids are interested in. February’s quite the long bucket list also but I love having it for inspiration. I hope it inspires you as well.

Note: my hope is to update this bucket list as we go along. I’ll be adding in links to other posts as I create them.

For fans of PBS KIDS, an all-new Pinkalicious & Peterrific Valentine’s special premieres February 11 everywhere we watch PBS KIDS. The kids love this show for many reasons and we’ll be watching for it in the PBS KIDS video app.


  • Valentine’s Day crafts
  • Nature crafts
    • Peace paintings on rocks
    • Woodsy potpourri
  • Eats
    • Cheesy fondue for family fun night
    • French toast on a stick
  • Hummingbird food for our winged friends
  • “Stained glass” out of tissue paper
  • Sewing book to keep needles and thread handy
  • Snowflakes out of various mediums
  • Felt hand puppets
  • Hibernation den
  • Balance yoke (practice movement and balance)
  • Silhouette profiles
  • Sun ray pictures
  • Season collage
  • Word family sliders


  • Children’s museum
  • Topographical maps
  • Park play dates
  • Princess tea party
  • Road trip ideas



  • Channel our inner frog, bear, snake and more with Animal Movements
  • “Heartbeat of a Tree” nature game (Joseph Cornell)
  • Rhythm and number games

What’s your family like to do in February? Let me know in the comments below!

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