Snow people bagels

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The white stuff typically evades us here in the Pacific Northwest. But that doesn’t mean we want to build a snowman any less. We usually end up making a pilgrimage to the mountains at least once a year to play in the snow.

This morning, we took our latest kid- favorite breakfast to the next level and created “snow people bagels.” The kids definitely enjoyed this simple activity. Making a likeness of themselves (and then eating it) is quite entertaining, apparently. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You need:

  1. Bagels cut in half (regular-sized or mini will do), toasted if that’s your preference
  2. Cream cheese (whipped spreads the best)
  3. Raisins, baby carrots and sliced fruit for decorating


  1. Slice and toast your bagels (2-3 rounds per snowman)
  2. Spread cream cheese
  3. Decorate your snowpeople
  4. Eat and enjoy

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