First day of school: letter Aa review, starting our calendar, mazes and more

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It’s the first day back to home school! We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time.


  • We started the day off with singing a few songs and reviewing “The Magic Spindle” from our Oak Meadow resource book.
  • We practiced writing upper and lower case letter A’s and making pictures out of the letters.
  • Then it was a fun game of catch while we practiced our short and long A sounds.
  • Which led to entertaining the preschooler with more catch (and yelling out letters and number sequences) while the 1st grader worked on writing in numbers on the calendar. The calendar is going to take some time, but I think it will be well-worth the effort.
  • We ended up doing the morning lesson for about two hours until we all ran out of steam.

After the kids had an outdoor break, we reconvened over our usual mac and cheese for Monday. Quiet time was much needed today.


  • We’re back working on mazes now. We started with a maze from and now they’re creating mazes for each other. I had never considered mazes to be a math activity before but the spatial skills definitely makes sense.
  • Next up will be a Corn Maze Craze from The Cat in the Hat (an online maze game from PBS KIDS.)
  • Then free play

All-in-all, a successful first day.  Seeing the kids get excited about learning has been the best part.

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