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I am a big believer in continuously learning — and the best way is to keep an open mind and research.

In order to survive the many ups and downs of homeschooling (and to mitigate Winter’s doldrums) we have taken many trips to our library to do just that. We tend to need outside inspiration now and then. As much as I love a semi-set schedule when it comes to our typical day at home, the kids and my mental state don’t always cooperate. That’s not to say that I certainly don’t try! So that’s where stacks of books and the Internet come in handy.

Today I researched Oak Meadow and The Peaceful Preschool  as home school curriculum. I viewed samples of both.

Oak Meadow seems pretty all-inclusive (though we would purchase our own craft sets) and it starts out at the kindergarten level. They offer a discount for military and for multiple child enrollment. But I’m having a bit of sticker-shock on the price. I think I will revisit this option at a later date.

The Peaceful Preschool starts out at the preschool-level, obviously. It’s simpler as a preschool-level curriculum should be but it incorporates religious readings and activities which isn’t something we are interested in. I did print out their sample curriculum for the letter A and may borrow some of their ideas in our current informal education plan.

I’m a big believer in research. Today, my do-it-yourself mentality was renewed and I think I’ll continue to build the kids curriculum as we go. So far my approach has been very loose, based on what’s going on and what they’re interested in.

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